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The rich history of all the many companies that made them through the early years will be found here as well as many fine examples of the cutlers art. This new technology allows less mistakes to happen when cutting food. Oct 26, 2010 according to it was first the small pocket itself, then, attested as of 1885, came to mean the chain. For many, the mere mention of old timer knives elicits positive feelings of warm summer evenings wandering through the woods or whittling small trinkets on the back porch. Last year smkw was offering warehouse find knives made in the 1950s by giesen and forsthoff of germany. The earliest types of knives were made by a process known as knapping percussive flaking of rock, particularly harder varieties such as obsidian and flint. The truth is, blades existed since the dawn of the mankind. Collecting older, vintage pocket knives is a very popular hobby in the usa.

Actually, that is true for all the things we get used to and we dont actually think about, until we dont have them. Knives are considered one of mankinds best piece of technology. I have several 1950s era schrade walden bone handle pocket knives with craftsman etched blades. This gives the folded knife a very compact shape, making it ideal to be kept in the pocket. Vintage richards sheffield england guernsey pocket fob watch. And the story of knives as weapons is as complex as it is long. Our knifemakers manufacture knives by hand, just like back then. The knife industry has prospered throughout history and is still incredibly active today. It uses special glow in the dark material that will give you hours of light on just 1015 minutes of light exposure a day. Case knives built with integrity for people of integrity. Unbranded collectible vintage folding knives for sale ebay. Many folding knives have also been discovered from the viking era.

For the united states navy and the united states navy seals for that matter the ontario mark 3 navy mkiii combat knife fulfills this purpose it is. We all remember our first folding knife or pocket knife, whether it was a swiss army multipurpose monster, complete with toothpick and tweezers, or a slender singleblade antlerhandled case. The complete history of the pocket knife gallantry. Heres a bit of the history behind the iconic knife. This 1 monkey fist incorporates a diamond braid, to a snake weave and finally to a hangmans noose with a swivel clip.

The combat knife is the warfighters last line of defense and can also serve as a personal ally of sorts when attempting to survive apart from hisher squad or forward operating base fob. Lapplander was developed in 1983 as a solid hunting knife. Knives are, in fact, among the oldest of tools utilized by early man. Selecting from the dropdown choices above will provide a photo. The history of the buck knives company a family tradition buck. The special stainless steel, the real wooden handle and the leather sheath soon turned it into a beautiful accessory, not only in the forest. Shop case knives, accessories, apparel, and knife cases. Whether their earliest beginnings or their most recent accomplishments and milestones, chronicled within our site are the histories of the brands we offer and represent. Sometimes you accidentally cut yourself instead of the food. Prices will vary from a few dollars at a yard sale to thousands for a rare early piece. In this section, you will find vintage decorative pocket knife style fobs to attach to a pocket watch chain, lapel pin, key chain or any other item you would like to customize with an accessory. If youre searching for butterfly knives, shurikens, throwing knives, ninja stars, tactical knives and more, youll find it at budk. Kershaw cinder 1025x multifunction pocket knife, 1.

While going through and rephotographing my collection due to the loss of most of my document file,i came to a group of knives that hadnti dont believebeen covered here. Our ancestors developed stonebased fixed blade knives, about two and a half million years ago. Im a sucker for the warehouse finds because i like accumulating knives of different brands, so naturally i bought one of each. In some form or another, knives have been around for millions of years. From a cardboard suit of excalibur armor when he was to a real suit of excalibur armor wi. One of the earliest tools used by mankind, knives appeared at least twoandahalf million years ago, as evidenced by the oldowan tools.

Knives have been used as weapons, tools, and eating utensils since prehistoric times. Anyone who is a collector or has any knowledge of knives can skip this book. How to identify the brand of a vintage pocket knife our. Their uses included hunting, cutting, shaping, and for battles. Bronze blades were widespread in europe and asia by the time of the ancient greeks. A pocketknife is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a pocket. Some great sources for these lost treasures are the weekend yard sales, flea markets and estate sales. Searchable appraisal guide to current market values for pocket knives. His handiwork was greatly appreciated during world war ii. History has given us many strange variations of the humble knife. Knifecenter offers hundreds of brands of pocket knives, tactical knives, kitchen knives, kitchen gadgets, swords, shaving products and self defense products including pepper spray, police batons, first aid kits and more. Get the best deals on blackjack knives factory manufactured modern fixed blade knives when you shop the largest online selection at. The twisty fob is a long lasting glow in the dark keychain accessory.

It would be great for someone that knows absolutely nothing about the history of knives. Making knives, the history of the bowie knife, and the. Our online selection is all in stock and ready to ship. The history of knives is a long one, dating back to the stone age. Knives have been made in the area around mora since the 1700s. Host of discovery channels longrunning series mythbusters, adam savage has spent his life making things.

Other functions were added to these pocket sized sidekicks, making them more versatile, and easier to use. The ultimate guide to old timer knives knife depot. History of knife today were so much used to using knives in our daily life that we almost dont even consider their importance. Blackjack knives factory manufactured modern fixed blade. We currently offer the following design variations. I came across an article that highlighted the history of the pocket knife. High quality pocket knife fobs, offered in a variety of styles and finishing options. Mar 10, 2014 when humans homo sapiens entered the world, an explosion of refined edge tools and the design of better stone knives began. The history of the buck knives company a family tradition. Hoyt made each knife by hand, using wornout file blades as raw material. Just like knives today, these early knives were sharpened on stone.

Opinel usa official website retail wholesale corporate. The early pocket knives sure did not look like the sog folding knives you may carry today. The history of knives thus began at a very early stage in the development of our human civilization. The evolution of the pocket knife carbide processors blog. As humankinds oldest tool, unraveling knife history can lead to even more surprising and enriching information to better understand the world. A seemingly modern invention, the pocket knife dates back to before the rise of the roman empire. When talking about fixed blade knives, it is impossible not to think about its origins. This is my smallest folding knife pocket watch fob i have. Swiss army knives downloads victorinox swiss army usa.

There were many friction folding knives similar to the 1 st century roman folding knives, but also many clasp knives that used a catch to hold the blade open. When youre out on the battlefield, you can simply draw your fixed blade knife, and youre ready for action. Survival knives, hunting knive s, and spring assisted knives are all available as well as tactical folding knives. The history of the knife throughout the ages the knife hub. There are many small knives that can be considered. Knives are the oldest tools in the history of mankind with the first knife made out of stone, during the stone age. Opinel knives are made of both high carbon and stainless steel, the latter being the highest quality sandvik steel from sweden. Each fob will be provided with appropriate connector jump ring, or if you would like us to attach the fob to your item, we can do so at no charge. Learn more about the history behind this iconic knife brand.

The original swiss officers and sports knife is patented. Our knives are held to the highest standards by the people of bradford, pa since 1889. Benchmade moved from california to a facility in clackamas, oregon and began producing knives there under the name benchmade, inc. However, when a recruit is outfitted and equipped, hes usually given a fixed blade knife instead of a pocket knife. As a result, he is able to deliver the first major supply of soldiers knives to the swiss army. This company has also filled the pockets of american boys and men for over a century. Brands at the knife center of the internet knife center. Its called a farmers knife, a miner, simply a work knife or utility knife or, even less elegantly, a sodbuster. This progress has slowly led up to our super high tech knives that we use today. Knife brand histories every knife manufacturer has an interesting story to tell. These fobs may be attached to a pocket watch chain for a traditional look, or connected to a key chain or any other item you would like to customize with an accessory.

Queen cutlery history is pleased to share numerous articles of interest to knife collectors. Vintage pocket knives and folding knives collectors weekly. Knife brand histories country knives online knife retailer. Morakniv 510 was introduced in 1978 and later achieved cult status as the wilderness blade. Pocket knives are also known as jack of all trades knife.

Attach our vial to your keys, backpack, zipper of a jacket or wherever else you need a little light. Can make these in one or two colors of your choosing. Collecting vintage and antique pocket knives is a hobby enjoyed by many enthusiasts. Unlimited wares has a large selection of knives to choose from, depending on what youre looking to use a knife for. Weapons are constantly being replaced with more advanced technology. Simple, sturdy, efficient and easy to use, this essential tool remains unchanged since 1890 but is unmatched in its design. These knives werent very refined as they were usually made from cracking stones to create a sharp bladetype edge. In spite of its british origins, the barlow knife became popular in america in beginning of the nineteenth century. The us military produced several trench knives, but these saw limited use.

The x fob is a long lasting glow in the dark keychain accessory. But folding knives predate the blades made by either of these venerable. The history of knife making ancient knife makers it cannot be denied that the first knife makers were early human beings who lived millions of years ago, most likely in caves for many of the ancient knives were discovered in such places. The sai is a famous knife that was traditionally used in okinawa. The japanese are known for making quality kitchen knives, the swiss have been making great multitools, and americans have come up with several great knives as well. As one of the earliest tool mankind ever produced, knife played integral role in our survival, development and eating traditions.

Sunfish or elephants toenaila small pocket knife with a very wide body. You could read more in our article on the history of buck knives. Obviously, our bipedal ancestors had figured out that life was much easier with knives than without. As long as they have been used as tools, theyve also been used in combat in some form or another. Over the course of that time, thousands of variations and styles have been paraded out to the masses. It is not uncommon to find an old case xx, browning or uncle henry folder lying on the corner of a table at these sales. The smart and incredible knife that can do many things at once so, you dont have to.

A slipjoint knife is one of the most ubiquitous types of pocketknives. Originally sold as a working mans knife, an opinel knife has become emblematic of french culture, with pablo picasso reportedly using one of the companys knives as a sculpting tool. Attach our vial to your keys, backpack, zipper of a jacket. The oldest pocket knife or jackknife ever discovered dates back to around 600500. A pocket watch or pocketwatch is a watch that is made to be carried in a pocket, as opposed to a wristwatch, which is strapped to the wrist they were the most common type of watch from their development in the 16th century until wristwatches became popular after world war i during which a transitional design, trench watches, were used by the military. Knives are standard issue to soldiers around the world. Lori now serves on the board of directors and is actively involved with buck promotional events throughout the u. Wicked edge, lansky, edge pro apex, spyderco, rada duration. Originally sold as a working mans knife, an opinel knife has become emblematic of french culture, with pablo picasso reportedly using one of the companys knives as a. Germans relied on the nahkampfmesser fighting knife for closequarters combat, while british forces used their own type of knives. A pocket knife is a knife where the blade is easy to fold into the handle.

Feb 26, 2018 the combat knife is the warfighters last line of defense and can also serve as a personal ally of sorts when attempting to survive apart from hisher squad or forward operating base fob. Here you can find out more about its incredible history and the path it created as the most important eating utensils ever made. In the 30s and 40s, the earliest ones were made by camilluscraftsman was etched on the blade, and the tang mark was high carbon steel usa. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. The foundations of todays factory were laid already in 1891 and have taken our local handicraft out to the world since then. Whether yours was a gift from your pops or you got it while working on your first badge as a cub scout, it no doubt became a trusty sidekick you relied on for a bunch of little tasks. I cannot find a makers name or mark on the blade or handle. One of the most important aspects in knowing what you should pay for a good vintage pocket knife is. Learn about the art of knife making, the history of the bowie knives, the history of the rambo knives, and a little about knife making itself.

Dec 08, 2004 both camillus and imperialschrade had a long history making craftsman knives. An appreciation by lawrence ruggiero one of the simplest pocket knives is a very traditional one. The history of knives and other edged instruments is tied to the history of people in general. Shop for americanmade pocket knives such as great eastern cutlery. Which is why weve taken the time to trace that story alongside humanitys in the following complete guide to the history of fighting knives. Trench knives saw widespread use during the first and second world wars. When closed it measures 118 inches just a little larger than a halfdollar.

Pocket knives continued to advance and evolve over the years. The history of the pocket knife every boy acquired a pocket knife at some point in time. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands affordable prices. It reminds me of something my elementary school library would have had. What could be the bestselling folder of all time, the model 110 is one of bucks most wellrespected pocket knives. Victorinox coupling key fob, vn33549 the illustrated victorinox key fob is the victorinox coupling key fob that features stainless steel construction, with a key ring on each end and a quick release detachable coupler in the middle.

Vintage folding knives, collectible folding knives, knives. Own a oneofakind piece by shopping dlt tradings collection of oldfashioned and vintage pocket knives. Buying or selling without iguide could be hazardous to your wealth. The compact design and razorsharp blade of this knife are the two major reasons that make it popular across the world.

Even after 55 years, old timer knives remain popular, whether its because the name itself means so much to so many. There are many small knives that can be considered to be watch fob knives but for simplicitys sake i will cover the most common ones. Case filled an order for 81,000 knives for the united states navy just before world war i and provided a custom survival knife for the astronauts on gemini and apollo space missions. Now, most folding blades use springs and locks like the very popular flash folding knife from sog knives. The kukri is the symbol of the nepalese nation, as well as the gurkha regiments that made it famous. Watch fob knives this forum is dedicated to the discussion and display of old knives. We also have several brands of scissors and sharpening supplies. Raw material and colors may vary from one collection to another, but its style remains deeply steeped in history and tradition. After public debate about knife safety at the end of the 70s, the 511 model was soon launched as the safe knife with its solid finger guard. Traditional folding pocket knives knife country, usa.

No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. People were hunting with knives at least by the time of the ancient egyptians, who fashioned wooden handles to hold their stone blades. This timeless knife is for people who enjoy the outdoors, a. Here are 16 of the most iconic historical knives that are still used and produced today.

This was a major turning point, as the company was now located in the epicenter for knife manufacturing. Cj, the 4th generation family member to run buck knives and current ceo, president, and chairman, started out with the company on the production line in 1978. Knife is a family of sharp tool that incorporates a cutting edge and may or may not include a handle. Bowie knives and fantasy knives are available, as well as neck knives, kitchen. However, it is only in fairly recent times that knives have been designed specifically for table use.

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